Trulyuse S8500 - Original 5 in 1 4D Easy Head Shaver


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Came fully charged!

I bought this to replace a very old shaver my boyfriend had. I would recommend this to everyone! its easy to handle, the heads on it are really sharp. the feel of it is great and its lightweight and glides easy over your face. Nose trimmer worked really well too. I love that it came charged right out of the box.

Don’t Hesitate

I had to on this razor. I shave my head twice a week and face everyday and this razor is so fantastic bc it literally cuts as close as a straight razor. Very easy to shave my face and head so close that I wouldn’t need a traditional razor unless I wanted to use. Amazing functionality, lightweight, and provides a super close cut. Love it !!!

Hears to clean faces!

I honestly can’t say there’s anything I do not like about this multifunction groomer. The trimmers and shaver are perfect for my husband who has to shave almost every other day! He has thick hair and it doesn’t snag at all. The interchangeable heads also have made it so he can cleanse his face more frequently without the use of dirty hands or washcloths! Super easy to clean. Simple to operate. The battery hasn’t died or significantly decreased yet! All attachments can be placed in a velvet pouch that came with it making it simple for travel.

This is the shaver I have been looking for!

wow. it works great and doesn't nick or cut your head. it doesnt cut as close to skin as a good razor would but it gets the job done on the go. I immediately jumped in the shower and started using it. it only took me 3 minutes to get my whole head shaved . I didn't have to go over one spot more then two or three times. it also feels nice in the hand and is not slippery . I also cleaned it and that was also a simple process by following the manual. It does come with beard trimmer , nose trimmer , cleaning brush, facial prep brush .


I bought this item based on all the good reviews of this product. And, I'll say that it lived up to it's reputation. I was very impressed by the powerful performance of this little gadget. My only concern was in the cleaning and maintenance. And, once I figured out how to open it up for cleaning, well I was a happier camper. I've never owned a head shaver before this. And I'm just thankful that now, I'll never have to go to the barber again.

Best shaver my husband has ever used

Bought for my husband.. shaving was always so time consuming (including his bald head) that he would put it off until he was super scruffy & itching.
He is thrilled with how close shave & convient this shaver is!!! Since first use, he's adorable head & face are smooth and no longer scruffy. No more does he put off shaving. Awesome shaver !!