Peonyelf cosmetics expands cooperation with government

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[Introduction] On the 10th, the Hong Kong PEONYELF COSMETIC Group invested USD 48 million in a cosmetic project at the National Health Base. The signing ceremony of the project will further strengthen and enrich the cosmetics industry chain in the health base. Zhao Hong, deputy secretary of the district party committee and director of the management committee, and Liang Zhaohua, chief economist of the district, attended the signing ceremony.

[Text] The Hong Kong PEONYELF COSMETIC Group was established in Hong Kong in 1889. Two companies, Shanghai PEONYELF COSMETIC and Shanghai COOLEFY, have been established in Shanghai. They mainly produce internationally renowned high-end cosmetics. The products are mainly exported to Japan, the United States, Russia, Spain and other countries. .

Through the construction of the National Health Base for many years, "China Cosmetics Capital" has introduced a number of leading cosmetics companies and established a complete industrial chain covering raw materials, research and development, manufacturing, testing, logistics, and sales. Services have laid a good foundation for the development and expansion of the cosmetics industry. After the PEONYELF COSMETIC Group settled in the base, it will set up a headquarters and a production base in southern China. It will use healthy, green and environmentally friendly new materials and introduce advanced technology to produce first-class cosmetics for the world's high-end brands. At the same time, the project plans to carry out share reform and listing in 3 to 5 years.

Zhao Hong said that the establishment of PEONYELF COSMETIC Group will further promote the development of the cosmetics industry level and technology in the development zone, and accelerate the convergence of cosmetics companies to Zhongshan. The development zone will do a good job of providing services to provide more guarantee and support for the development of cosmetics companies.

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