Hong Kong cosmetics Peonyelf sponsors Miss Asia competition

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On April 12th, the internationally renowned tide brand PEONYELF COSMETIC cosmetics joined hands with Victoria's Secret Angels to help the 31st Miss Asia press release. The event ended in Shanghai, and many celebrity and celebrity guests helped out, including the former Asia Miss crown and runner-up were present to help the event.

8 models dressed in Victoria's Secret Angel costumes

In the cheers, the highly anticipated Victoria's Secret Show officially kicked off the event. This opening show showed a total of 8 Victoria's Secret Angel costumes, respectively the Ocean series and the Goddess series. Under the wonderful display of the live models, The guests at the scene once felt the charm of the big names in international fashion. Of course, in addition to the high-level Victoria Secret Angel show, the makeup of the models is also a highlight of the event. The background makeup of this event was led by Mr. Sunny, the chief makeup art consultant of Boer, who led a professional makeup team to create a new show makeup for the models.

PEONYELF COSMETIC takes you to reveal the secret makeup of Victoria's Secret Angel show backstage

As a powerful support brand for the makeup behind the scenes, it has a new and unique packaging design that is refreshing and has attracted many guests to stop and watch. Boer make-up can not only create a girly look with natural and natural clothing, but also has a wealth of experience in creating stylish personality T-stage makeup. With the help of Boer master make-up products, it is easy to create sophisticated and sophisticated makeup on the show in a short time, perfect A new makeup adventure. In addition, Boer Makeup is also a back-end makeup sponsored brand in New York Fashion Week, London Fashion Week and Shanghai Gaoding Week, which will explain the international trend of makeup trends for you.

PEONYELF COSMETIC takes you to discover the exquisite backstage makeup products

The makeup design for the backstage of the 31st Miss Asia Press Conference. The base makeup products are specially customized for the 2018 London Fashion Week-Save Me Flawless Light Combo Cushion CC Cream. The design is thin and moist. It looks simple and efficient in the busy backstage. It is really suitable for those who want to maintain delicate makeup at all times.

In addition to London Fashion Week's special customized models, this time Boer also brought a new nine-color eyeshadow palette. This eyeshadow combines the most popular eyeshadow shades in matte, micro pearl and shiny pearl. The combination of different textures allows you to release your eye skills anytime and anywhere, and become your most charming stealer.

The lip makeup uses a beauty makeup stick pen that is beautiful while playing-Hello photo series, this series is divided into eye shadow combination lipstick group, a pen with four heads, one twist and one turn, and the makeup can be easily replaced by gently Replace your enchanting look.

With the successful conclusion of this conference, more people will get to know PEONYELF COSMETIC. The trend of fashion is still going on. In the future, Boer makeup will bring more refined and more fun make-up and fun, let us wait and see!

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